Thursday, December 29, 2016

If I could go back

This is the first time someone else's words have appeared here, but if I could go back to 1988, I would take this and read it to my children, and then we would talk about it. 
Perhaps my granddaughter might need this someday. 

I definitely could have used it when I was 11 or 12. 

You know what breaks me, when someone is visibly excited about a feeling or an idea or a hope or a risk taken, and they tell you about it but preface it with: 

"Sorry, this is dumb but-".

Don't do that.

I don't know who came here before me, or who conditioned you to think you had to apologize or feel obtuse. But not here. 

Dream so big it's silly. 
Laugh so hard it's obnoxious. 
Love so much it's impossible.

And don't you ever feel unintelligent. And don't you ever apologize. And don't you ever shrink so you can squeeze yourself into small places and small minds.

It's a big world. 
You fit. 
I promise.

Owen Lindley