Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Midnight Crawler

 It was as if I was watching television and a message was scrolling across the bottom. The crawler read:


It was only a dream, yet even a bad dream can make you think. 

Most of my dreams are silly. They are often the sort teachers get. I now wake with a smile, remembering I retired some years ago, so I don't have to grade a pile of papers in order to submit report cards before morning. 

What if I knew I only had a few hours left on earth? What would that mean to me? Assuming it was a premonition of sudden death, what is there to do? I don't feel any regrets of the Ebenezer Scrooge sort. I think I would want to spend those hours as I do most days now. Life is very good. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. As well, a sudden death has always seemed preferable to one that is lingering and painful.

There might be some important passwords I should tell K about, so among other things, she can let folks here in Blogistan know I'm gone ... but really, that isn't urgent. Those of you who wouldn't find out by some other means could very nicely go on thinking I was here, but hadn't thought of anything to write about lately.

Of course, the crawler on the dream television was slightly ambiguous. It didn't actually say anything about death. Maybe I should be carrying a towel?