Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Just a Walk

The temperature was perfect, with a slight breeze; the sky, clear with just a few fluffy clouds down on the horizon; a bright cheery morning for a walk to the grocery store. 

My wireless earbuds were beckoning. I have at least ten podcasts on my phone that have been waiting patiently to be heard. Yet something said, just walk, listen, and see. 

There is always something interesting if you look about. I wanted to say something to the teenaged boy who passed with his head down - he looked as though he had lost his only friend. I didn't of course, even though my imagination built a scenario that started with "Hello there ... you look like you need an ear to listen. Maybe someone who won't judge you, like me, would help? ... and ended with, ... thank you so much for saying hello this morning. I feel so much better!" 

Of course, I live in a city, not a small town, so speaking to a stranger could just as easily end badly. A sad comment on modern life. 

The antics of the dogs playing in the dog park as I approached gave me a chuckle, then I almost laughed out loud as they came over to the fence, not to bark at me, but to greet a friend they were clearly expecting as she was getting out of her master's car.  Hi!! Hi!!!! good to see you ... Hi!!! come and run and play with us!! 

Heading down the hill, I paused to have a short conversation with a very busy member of the community; Ms. Rabbit. 

I see you left your dogs at home ... very good 

... mmm this one is very tasty ... 

wait a second!! I smell dog ...

She waited until a dog walking his mistress got just about in striking distance and then zipped into the undergrowth, without even saying nice talking with you

Those podcasts can definitely wait for another time and not while I am enjoying a walk. So many other things to do.