Saturday, April 30, 2016

Love and wealth

In despair you moan "Why bother trying to find anything better in my life? There's no way I'll ever find someone to share it with."

Having money is a typical desire expressed. Do not confuse wealth with money. 

Do not confuse love with companionship. 

A better life, wealth, and love belong to anyone who has the vision to accept them. They surround you as they have in any age past. The 'primitive' living with no comforts knew love in a way that no one in the wildest party in Manhattan will ever find. The wealth found through the plundering of a thousand Spanish galleons would never be comparable to what one contented person can find by watching a flower bloom. 

As far as that special someone who will share your new-found wealth, remember that likes attract. If you don't like who you are with, remember that this is what your deepest beliefs have brought to you.

Change yourself and others who are like-spirited will find you as you will find them. 

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