Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who is my soulmate?

The true landscape of the human journey is the divided kingdom of the human entity.

We explore the mind. We explore the body. 

This duality corresponds to our search for learning and fun, for the mind and psyche are centres of learning and the body a source of pleasure. 

To be truly human means to become fully familiar with the whole territory. 

The joy of living comes through the exploration. 

We ask, "who is my soulmate?" Any fellow traveller might be one. Do not expect to find many fellow travellers. Our society frowns on such frivolity.

... Perhaps your soulmate will be the entity who will want to guide you into their territory and at the same time enter yours without judgement, fear, or guilt of any sort. 

Imagine the incredible joy, spending one lifetime after another sharing experiences with such an entity. 

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