Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Dream of Reality

I have a dim memory of a dream that came to me when I was very young. It is impossible to recall truly whether it was a dream or a memory of a still earlier time:

"I am not in any place of the earth. In an instant all of my worries about life and all of my questions on how to live are removed. I am suddenly in possession of all the answers to any question that comes to mind. At the same time that I am empowered to solve any problem, I am also immensely carefree, as though I do not care any more to even ask questions. It is as though I am the wisest entity, and in my wisdom care nothing for worldly things. Empowered to gain everything, I desire to have nothing."

If this was a dream, I can only hope it was not a delusion. I believe now that this is our natural state; without knowledge of good or evil, without desire for any earthly object or passion. 

I believe that we suspend that reality in order to create this one that we play at being human in. 

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