Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Can you come and play?

The reason you have the knowledge you do is simple; you wanted it. What you do now with it will be individual, both because you get to choose, and you will be the only judge as to whether you might have made a better choice when you are done choosing. 

This knowledge brings no comfort to me personally - I wish the path was well-marked, or there was someone else on the road with me. Since there is neither friend nor landmark, I will strike out into the haze, hoping at least that the journey will be pleasant from time to time, trying to keep my senses sharpened, so that the lessons do not elude me. 

At this point, I feel convinced that I can recognize the traps of domestication. By this I mean social convention that forces most humans to be their own jailor - power, sophistication, possessions, etc. These seem to be natural targets to be desired and acquired. They are traps. Although some people become truly happy who are wealthy, it is not money that made them happy. There is - there must -be more

This more is cloaked by the mist that surrounds the future for me. I see shadows of its smile from time to time; it must be there. There is a tingling in my spine when I see a child laugh; I shall search first in childhood. 

Perhaps the love was left there. If I don't return, look for me there, if you can find the time. 

Better still, make time. Abandon your power, lose your sophistication, and stop worrying over what you own long enough to become a child again. Laugh more, cry harder, dream your dreams, and build castles that you know you will take down and rebuild a hundred times just because it's fun. 

Yell up to the window "can you come out to play?" Someone is sure to want to play with you. If not, find my playground and play with me. 

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