Saturday, June 11, 2016

Family Responsibility and Personal Growth

No matter what subject we choose to study, there is always a point in that study where we must decide whether to integrate the study into our lifestyle. Without this integration and the commitment it implies, we will not be able to continue to progress. 

In matters of the spirit, this is especially true. It is impossible to live one sort of life while believing in another. This is not only hypocrisy, but psychically impossible. Surviving that tug of war with your soul can become a major life challenge. 

So many of the values of society are challenged in a spiritual philosophy. 

To forsake possessions and the domesticated life that is needed to maintain them is a hard enough decision when only your own comforts are at risk. In the case where those dependent upon you will also risk losing their comforts it makes the decision nearly impossible. 

Possessions are only a visible aspect of the "sacrifice".  Attitude toward conflict is also a part of your life that must change. For an individual to accept isolation from a society they have withdrawn from is not nearly as difficult as attempting to withdraw a family of growing children from society's influences. 

These considerations are the tip of the iceberg. 

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