Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finding your unique path

The problems of Christianity are many. 

At the level of the spirit, much is made of human failings. Our 'sinfulness' or falling short is used to explain our need for Christ. But who can keep a positive self-concept when confronted with a belief system that tells  you "the voice within you might be Satan. Trust God!?"

But who can hear God better than you?

Where can you go to gain confidence in your right relationship to God? The priest? The minister? A monk in a cave?

This vicious circle leads people who are potential lovers and learners to become judgemental and lacking in self-esteem. 

Everyone needs a unique path to self-love and love of others. My path is not yours. Your path is found by listening to your inner self. 

Do not look for a guru. You are your own best teacher about you, but you must learn to listen to that excellent teacher. 

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