Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That makes me sick

Research* is indicating a relationship between occurrences of diseases such as cancer, T.B., and asthma to attitudes of the patient. Low self-esteem and lack of enthusiasm for life contribute to risk of illness. It almost seems as though the human body reacts to a lack of interest in life by bringing on death or illness. 

When you believe in the spirit, this becomes understandable. 

For good health, we must feel in control of our lives in the deepest sense. 

If you ask a person dying of cancer if they want to live, they are not likely to say "No I wanted to die, so I allowed this to happen." But belief in the spirit implies a life and death that are meaningful. Death is a statement made by the entity too. 

In some cases, to die, and especially the manner of death becomes a high point of influence over others. Do not deny an entity their right to choose the manner and drama of their exit from your play. 

*The Healer Within: The New Medicine of Mind and Body
by Steven Locke, Douglas Colligan, Norman Cousins; published 1987


  1. In an earlier time of life I really believed that my complete lack of will to live would bring me an early end. Until recently I was disappointed that it did not work...

    1. There is no doubt at all that I was heading to an early end until recently. Desire cannot keep you alive, but a complete lack of desire is toxic.