Thursday, May 12, 2016

What we need

In December, without ever giving it a thought, I purchased an Amaryllis bulb. Against my usual habit of procrastination, I planted it immediately, almost urgently. 

The growth astonished me. It was frightening in a way, because as the shoot lengthened it tended to tilt. Once, its' bend became such that I thought it would break without support. Leaning it on the wall, it strengthened and continued its amazing climb toward light.
Its growth complete, it is now beginning to bloom. 

I do not fear for its failure any more. See, I never really expected that plant to live forever. I hope it lives a long time, but my fear is gone because I have seen its blossom. 

I never really thought of buying an amaryllis. It was just there, and I thought maybe "this would be pleasant." Such is the way of the inner self. I must, deep down, have needed that plant. 

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