Sunday, March 13, 2016

A possible key

Maybe, just maybe this is the key to my conflict with society.

~ The whole world is being brainwashed into thinking that pleasing others is (more important than; no; that pleasing others is) INDISPENSABLE.

Why does our son need me to come to his hockey game?

I think, tie his skates... nope this isn't it.

I think, for safety's sake ~ no, but someone should be there.

No, I missed it.

Thanks to my spouse ~ here is the real reason that our son wants me to come:

He does not play hockey because he likes hockey! He plays to please us!

He needs me to come to show my approval!

Here is the start...

We teach this outrage from the cradle onward and I am a pawn.

This is the lever and I am the fulcrum.

You can move anyone to believe in anything as long as their basic motivator is to seek the approval of others.

Because I resist it, I am outcast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today as I read this, that feeling of being outcast can only be described as a feeling of "othered" and therefore ignored. It was certain that my opinions were not welcome to anyone I knew then. Here is the next essay, clearly a follow-up to the one above.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Given the previous knowledge, how can a feeling of self-worth be consistent with a philosophy that you must please others in order to find happiness?

Self-worth cannot be conditional upon external factors, by its definition.

In that case, how can my son develop self-worth if he is trapped in this "please me by pleasing others" trap?

He must rebel against this at some point, going through a painful rejection period, otherwise he will be trapped into adulthood. I pray for this rebellion to happen.

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