Thursday, March 3, 2016

What "On The Other Hand" is about

Have you ever written something with no intention that anyone should read it? That is exactly what I did almost thirty years ago with the documents that will appear here in instalments, as I get them transcribed. 

I remember writing them and will perhaps add some comments as well to explain what I can. 

They flowed from my pen, kept in a small red six ringed binder. These ideas were important but for whom was I writing them? 

Someone whom I care about thinks they are important, and if she says they are, then they are

Addendum on June 25, 2016:
Now that those original documents are all faithfully recorded, I've decided to supplement them with new thoughts and ideas as they come to me. Like that small notebook, this can become a repository for my crazy thoughts and maybe some not so crazy ones as well.

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  1. I think its wonderful what you are doing Deanna. Our thoughts and ideas can help others to grow through making them reflect a little differently than they might have otherwise. We share a little of ourselves and we pay it forward