Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Define the word, stay in charge

In our language, there are words that are corrupt, in the sense that their meaning is filled with connotation. "Selfish" comes to mind as an example. 

Another such word is "Normal". Meaning originally 'of the norm' it is a statistical term. It does not mean correct or proper but has come to be seen as such. 

This word is, I think, the best weapon that those who would rule others possess, for the fear of being abnormal is one that is widespread. 

Advertising relies heavily upon normality. To sell a product, we need to create the impression that to be normal, everyone needs the product. 

What parent has not heard the cry "... but it's not fair; everyone else has one! Why can't I?"

Churches and other social organizations rely on normality. A world of true individuals would be "dis-organized" and so would be useless to such groups. 

Government can only function with the tacit approval of the populace. It is simply not done to expect laws to be made or unmade to suit individuals - we need to suppress our "selfishness" and bow to the "common good" - Normality.

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