Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spirituality or Religion?

There is nothing wrong with the ideas in the New Testament that cannot be corrected by burning every copy of the Bible and levelling every church and disbanding the religions called Christian.* It was not "love your neighbour as you love yourself" that led to the witch trials. It was not "take the beam from your own eye" that led to a succession of religious wars up to the present day. It was the vested interests of the religion

Jesus would be appalled at what His love has begot!

It is wrong to try to teach with a stick. If what you believe is really righteous, then by living your love you will light the way for others who can benefit from your way. 

There is no need for conversions or fear of anyone else. The love of God is a free gift. He will not punish those too blind to accept it. He will let them come in their own time.

If we truly comprehend that gift, we will leave others in peace and show them our love by letting them be.

*In the intervening years, my feelings have broadened upon this subject of religion and its disconnect with the spirituality that spawned it. If I was writing this now, the desire to eliminate religion would extend to all, not just the Christian religions. 

While the passionate desire to liberate my fellow travellers from what I see as a scourge is still here, it is clear to me that many need the churches, and the religions. Many are better off with some sort of structure in their lives because for some reason, they do not feel confident enough to draw from their own inner spirit. 

There are so many rudderless souls and perhaps that is the real problem for humanity. 

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